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Hemeteam has six parts.

1: Hematopoiesis and related topics
2: Disease of hematopoiesis
3: Molecularly targeted therapy
4: Bleeding and clotting
5: Approach to common problems
6: Case studies

Hemeteam is free of charge and advertising, and the author has no conflicts of interest.

You may freely use The QxMD Hematology calculator which has many interesting applications.

About HemeTeam

Since 1996, HemeTeam has aimed to help students grasp the basic principles involved in the diagnosis and treatment of common blood disorders.

Most of the chapters begin with a state-of-the-art synopsis of the "core" subject material, contain links to optional information and have multiple choice questions for self assessment.

I have gathered information freely from available scientific publications and meetings in order to keep HemeTeam updated.

I hope you find it as useful and stimulating, as I do.

I am grateful to Jaeson Tanner for designing this site initially, and helping me maintain it.